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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

View from a Clear Lake

Photo1: Sunrise over Clear Lake
Photo2: Pelican Sundown over Clear Lake (TX)

I used to live where I would only see sunsets. Now I live in a place which faces east and I see only sunrises from my balcony. I've seen a million sunsets but until recently hardly a sunrise.

Now I see a sunrise nearly every day. Sunrise over a lake is always different each day. Yesterday it was foggy. Today the sun came up orange over smooth waters. Some days it is a red ball. Other days it is bright yellow or white rays, shooting over the lake like a diamond.

I grew up on a farm and moved to the city, so I've never lived on water. I'm discovering that I am a "water person." In a high stress job(s) like I have, or when the news headlines drive you nuts, it is a natural calming agent while sitting on the balcony.

Every morning and evening is also an air show. The birds are always performing even when "Wings Over Houston" and its WWII planes are not in town.

Last night I had to stop and watch the Pelicans circling over the boat launch at Clear Lake Park as the sun was going down. Ummm. Come to think of it, I love sunsets on the water also.

What's that great song fro Fiddler on the Roof? Sunrise, Sunset....

It is sunrise for a new group of players coming in 2008, and sunset for others...Take your pick of which you prefer.

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