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Monday, November 26, 2007

Global Issues for the next Prez

If you watch the news with half a brain still working it has to dawn on you.

The next President better have a GLOBAL strategy or we are in trouble. Putin is rolling back democracy in Russia, which is now rich and has more billionaires than any other country. Chavez is trying the same in Venezuela. Pakistan's democracy is in trouble and little effort has been made on peace efforts.

So a lot of fires remain burning for the next President to deal with. Whoever it is better have a "game plan" from day 1.

Do any of them have one? I wonder.

That should be the question asked of all of them. Who cares what their domestic plan is. What is their international plan to keep America a player as the world changes?

It's too late to do much more about any of this in the remainder of this administration's term. No one is putting a lot of stock in the Israeli-Palestinian talks starting tomorrow.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, the big issues --from Iran to Russia -- will fall full force on the next President - who will have only 4 to 8 years to turn things around.

We are heavily in debt and although violence is down in Iraq there is no political settlement to provide a foundation for long term peace. Heads need to be knocked together over there. If this President doesn't do it, the next one will have to....

Our future security depends upon it.

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