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Friday, December 07, 2007

2008 Hurricanes: Predicting 7. Question of Intensity

This new report predicts that next year, 2008, we will have a higher than average change of at least 7 hurricanes, with 3 big ones.

In 2005 we saw Wilma reach a record low pressure. The warmer water from global warming could mean that the hurricanes and storms we get are more intense, like Wilma. That means we will need more protection and stronger building codes, as Mayor Bill White has suggested.

It doesn't impact just us who are within 100 miles of the U.S. coast, Mexico and Central America. Japan, Taiwan and China's east coast get hit hit by Typhoons, Asia's hurricanes, with equally devastating results.

We need to prepare now. Six months from now the next hurricane season begins and it takes time to install protective window film or whatever else you need to do to prepare. That's why I set up Armor Glass International, to provide security products that benefit people.

The window film I'm talking about has passed the Miami Dade Large Missile test would have a second benefit - it would protect people in glass structures from car bombs. We haven't had one yet but we have had truck bombs, such as Tim McVeigh in Oklahoma City. London has had them and our technology would help them too.

If put on in layers it can stop bullets --perhaps to protect employees from mad idiots like that kid in Omaha or security officers in hospitals surrounded by glass walls.

Buildings near refineries worldwide need it to protect employees and the surrounding neighborhood from glass shrapnel if an explosion blows out the windows.

I spent 9-11 on TV as a terrorism expert, but just talking about potential threats made me feel incomplete. I finally found a technology, a new nano-technology,that actually protects people in their homes and offices. The weakest link in every building is the glass. I found something I could actually do to make it safer for people, their kids, pets, etc. in the next storm or human disaster. It even stops burglars from "smash and grab."

I'm not into just talk. I prefer to take action, finding a solution. Few places in America or elsewhere have this protection, so there's a lot of "walking" to do. Check out the second linked site and email me with any questions.

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