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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Viking Tequila

I went to a Norwegian American chamber lunch yesterday - the traditional drink is "Glogg" which also describes how you feel after having only one drink. When it started in the 90's they had maybe 15 or 20 people. This time it was over 300 and they had to have it at the Houston Country Club.

Most of them were oil companies. It shows how international the business has become. In the early days, the North Sea technology was used in the Gulf of Mexico. Now some of the Gulf of Mexico technology is used in the North Sea.

After the meal they serve "Aquavit." A Norwegian from Oslo described it as "Viking Tequila." I think they should rename it "Jet A."

Speaking of Tequila, there is a weird trend of drug smugglers in Mexico killing musicians whose songs offend them. In the past 2 years over a dozen have been shot execution styple They are also killing a lot of each other, policemen, reporters, etc.

The "War on Terror" should include the narco-terrorists operating on both sides of our border.

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