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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Al Qaida's Global Car Bomb Day

Photo: Lebanon - One target of Al Qaida's global car bomb day

Yesterday car bombs set by Al Qaida went off in Baghdad, Algiers (Algeria), and Lebanon. The 11th (including 9-11) is a popular day for Al Qaida to set off its killing sprees. So it had a day of global car bombings.

But that kind of killing has turned against Al Qaida in Iraq. Even the minority Iraqi Sunnis, who a short time ago were shooting Americans, have turned against Al Qaida and its indiscriminate killings. In Indonesia, Al Qaida followers were caught after beheading a couple young schoolgirls. That type of idiot behavior even disgusted the Sunni militas, who are now working with American soldiers. Iraqi Muslims have been as offended by Al Qaida's treatment of women as Americans.

The change in Iraq has come only after the military did something that I suggested years ago at the beginning -- get the tropps to mingle with the people and set up units that work with people instead of being holed up in isolated compounds as they were at the beginning.

The British had used this model in the south and it worked. it only took 4 years for Washington to figure it out.

Al Qaida is still a global force that has not been eliminated. Europe continues to isolate its Muslim community (unlike America), with a 50% unemployment rate among frustrated young men, a recipe for more car bombs in the future until things change. So while Americans may be obsessing over a possible recession, we face even greater threats than a housing bust and stock market meltdown.

And that means we need to upgrade not just our storm protection, but also protection in our homes and offices from future car bombs. That has become my focus with Armor Glass International.

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