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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Medical Miracles

I spent over 7 hours at the Texas Medical Center today, a friend was having surgery and the doctors had given her only a 50% chance of coming out of it alive. That was not good news to her 12 year old daughter and husband. Fortunately, by late this afternoon it was pronounced a success.

All of this from a traffic accident. Apparently people who had these kind of injuries before 1990 died from them. This new procedure was invented and has been saving lives since.

We are lucky to live with this 21st Century medical technology. I was impressed with the intensity at the Methodist Hospital and the long time the doctors took explaining what was happening to the family waiting. It takes a village to sometimes figure out what is going on in these cases.

I tested the Blackberry World phone, by not charging it all day while spending a ton of time in a waiting room working the internet, etc. on it. The Treo would have run out of juice in a couple of hours. The Blackberry World edition went all day and still had 2/3's charge after a heavy day of use.

I found the address book had a lot of duplicates, so I deleted them. When i got home I plugged it into the computer and it automatically synced up and transfered the data to the laptop, and some stuff from the laptop to the PDA, in less than a minute. Very impressive tool. It was even easy to do google and people searches for address checks, etc.

For a birthday, it was a good day, even though i was too tired when I got home from a day of people watching at the hospital to bother eating dinner. lol.

We are lucky indeed to live in these technology times and witness medical miracles having every day in places like the Texas Medical Center.

After all, if you don't have your life, the Blackberry's, Starbucks and other toys we enjoy won't mean a lot, will they?

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