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Monday, December 10, 2007

Dual Processors in the Fog

It's been extremely foggy on the Texas coast the past few days. Even the birds are flying on radar. Often the lake, less than 50 feet away, is invisible. On nights like this it makes working inside preferable.

I've got one computer busy processing website video updates. Another is making disk copies (it also serves as a news monitor while I'm working on the other). I loaded some video of XO Armor, our product, stopping 2x4's shot by a machine that looks like a cannon and bullets.

The new laptop has "dual processors" and supposedly can do more work at the same time. If Vista weren't so huge it probably would. It does seem to take multiple computers to do everything we need to do these days. I kept "freezing up" the old one because i had too many applications open at the same time (writing, editing video, website stuff, etc.). So now my work is split between two machines and it's much better.

The video is at the Armor Glass website. It is amazing who contacts me with a problem that only our product can solve. This week it was a museum in Philadelphia that is moving into a building with glass doors. Even a kid knows that glass provides zero protection for vandals, thieves, storms, etc. in a building housing the artifacts of one of America's most historic cities.

Armor Glass International has the solution to protect people from hurricanes, bomb blasts and petty thieves, fog or not fog...and it doesn't take two computers to figure that out.

P.S.: The collapse of the housing market in the U.S. is not an isolated event.

There has been a similar housing meltdown going on in Europe, etc. I've heard some analysts who fear it could spark a global recession. I think some smart leadership would avoid it getting that bad (and if they aren't too smart, we pay the price, which won't be much fun).

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