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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Politicians v. Leaders

What is the difference between politicians and leaders?

A politician tells people what they want to hear.

A leader tells people what they need to hear.

There are a couple examples of this in the current Presidential campaign. What we need in 2008 is a leader.

We need someone willing to tell Americans that we need to clean up our fiscal mess.

We need someone willing to address serious environmental issues that are critical to our future survival as the human race. Remember this simple truth (and reality) --If we screw up the planet's environment, we have no suburb to move to.

We need someone willing to talk to our neighbors around the globe to find common ground and solutions for jobs, global migration trends, terrorism, trade, ad in infinitum. A one way conversation doesn't work.

That is what people should be looking for in 2008.

But I wonder how many Americans will look for a politician instead --candidates telling people sweet nothings people want to hear, like how you can borrow forever and never pay the price, or spend trillions on wars without paying for them.

If we keep electing politicians instead of leaders, America's future is in serious jeopardy. Think about it as the candidates whisper their siren songs...

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