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Monday, December 03, 2007

Democracy Wins in Venezuela/Hong Kong; Loses in Russia and Nuclear Pakistan

Mr. Big Mouth Hugo Chavez, who wanted to be "President" for the next 50 years, was given a big NO by the people of Venezuela. Strike a blow for freedom. No "President for Life" for Hugo. LOL.

Ten percent of our oil comes from Venezuela. It's OK to buy gas at citgo again! (Citgo is always cheaper than the other gas stations in my neighborhood).

But the situation continues to deteriorate in Russia and especially Pakistan, which has a nuclear arsenal and is more important to future security than Iraq or Iran in many ways. One of two Presidential candidates, Mr. Sharif, was ruled "ineligible" to run. He has to appeal to judges who were put in place by Mr. Musharraf after firing the former judges, all moderate believers in the rule of law instead of the rule of dictators.

That is the same as Al Gore being declared ineligible to run against George Bush in 2004 - it makes it easier to stay in power if your competition can't get on the ballot.

Ms. Bhutto, the only challenger to the General-in-a-suit, Mr. Musharraff, has been put under house arrest.

Meanwhile, Mr. Putin won over 70% of the vote. Why? Simple. Russia used to be broke, and was when he took office 9 years ago. Now Russia is RICH. Mainly due to oil. People now have jobs and ordinary Russians are beginning to have a future and some have even started to SMILE on the streets. No more dour, sour Russians linking up in front of empty store shelves.

The vote for Putin is a yes vote for better economic opportunities, but it comes at a hugh cost to democracy.

however, one bright spot is that for the first time Hong Kong has elected a legislator who was NOT a China puppet. It means that democracy may be taking root on the edge of China, which has amassed billions in foreign exchange reserves and is funding our deficits while challenging us for future space ventures.

But hey, not everyone's mind is on "global affairs" between states. Some folks want something more personal, like this story on older white women seeking young lovers on vacation in places like Kenya.

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