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Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Canadians" and Blowing Up Walls

NASA's Photo on Mars - No Stranger Than Events in Houstons DA's office...

Now we find out that another attorney in our local DA's office used the term "Canadians on the jury" to refer to African Americans. Bigotry now uses code words and extends beyond the DA himself.

In face of all this, and at the same time, the news reports that the DA has given an $11,000 year raise to the woman in his office he writes love notes to about nibbling on her ear (or whatever.)

Rosenthal's DA's office bigotry and questionable behavior has reached a new low --institutional bigotry which is sanctioned by its leadership. Giving a raise to someone you are approaching romantically raises ethical (even legal) issues of impropriety. Attorneys are supposed to act professionally. District Attorney's with criminal jurisdiction are supposed to go beyond that - to be like Caesar's wife.

I feel like I've stepped into a 21st century version of "To Kill a Mockingbird." And people think the NASA photo from Mars was strange!

On the world scene, the TV scenes of Palestinians pouring through the Isaeli-built wall that separated Gaza from Egypt, proves that no wall can overpower human needs. They were desperate for daily necessities like food and water, stuff we take for granted everyday.

It proves that the spending of billions to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico will end the same way. It took very little explosives, in a world awash with explosives, to undo a wall of steel. I've been on the Chinese-built Great Wall; it was defeated by bribing the border guards.

I can't believe that in the 21st century we have people with such great power who think in such twisted ways. That mindset alone is an abuse of power.

So is refusing to let go of that office that controls the power, whether it is a hypocrit racist District Attorney in Houston, or a twisted Mr. Chavez in Venezuela who tried to rewrite the rules to remain in power for life.

But Chavez' power grab is no different than what we have right here, when power elites refuse to let go. That's why we limit Presidents to two terms -- eight years of intoxicating power is long enough. Recall that FDR was into his 4th term when he died.

We need local and national leadership that respects all and treats people equally, including women who deserve the right not to get idiot bosses emailing them about their personal parts.

We need leaders focused on finding reasonable solutions to major issues. We cannot be great if we leave in power self-absorbed bigots that reflect poorly on the freedom and equality America is supposed to be all about.

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