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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Looks like it's MCCAIN vs ?? A Prediction (or two)

Since this has a worldwide readership, I thought I'd give another "prediction" --not on the potential of 9/11 but on the Presidential potential leadership we will have next term.

Believe me, the entire world is watching this one. After the last 7 years they feel like they have been through a hedge backwards. As one TV Brit said: "If America catches cold, we get the flu."

Or a war. So everyone is watching this.

It appears to shake down to Mr. McCain vs. either Ms. Clinton or Mr. Obama. That makes the Democrat decision even more significant. If you have a north-south lineup of Mr. McCain with perhaps Mr. Guiliani, they would be the winners. Then it becomes a question of which potential candidate can overwhelm (or edge past) that powerful combo.

My prediction is that if Hillary wins the Democrat nomination, McCain will win the White House.

Why? Because as much as I prefer women professionals, a visible character flaw has appeared on the Clinton side - the proof? The announced desire to change the rules in Florida etc. when it turned to their advantage -- after initially agreeing to not count those delegates for violating party rules.

And the Clinton personal attacks on Mr. Obama even turned off people like Caroline Kennedy, who could prove to be a political Joan of Arc. It was her decision that turned her Uncle Ted from neutral. (The TV talking heads seemed to overlook Caroline's key role in this as they focused on the war-horse Senator).

Another prediction: The only leading Democratic President candidate that would have any hope of beating Mr. McCain (a former POW) would be Mr. Obama. It won't be easy but only someone who has shown the ability to bring in new voters, especially the young--as he has--has a chance. His VP pick will be crucial. Otherwise, 2009 will start business with a Republican President and a Democratic Congress.

The good news is that even the usually sound-asleep voters have been jarred awake by global and economic harsh realities. These were created on the Bush watch. They will have to be addressed and fixed in the next Presidential administration.

And it will be American voters making a decision that the whole world is holding its collective breath over...

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Anonymous said...

I don't think McCain can beat either one of the Democratic candidates one on one. He will come off as a grumpy old man a la Bob Dole. The lemming-like Republicans need to snap out of it!! The only one in their lineup that can beat the Dems is Mike Huckabee.