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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Then End of Clinton-Bush-Clinton-Bush Merry-Go-Round?

After Tuesday, if the political analysts I saw today on Tim Russert's 'Meet the Press' are right, it may become evident that the two people who will win their party nomination is 1) Obama and 2) McCain. (I watch Russert because he always grills people regardless of their position; Fox folks only seem to grill people they don't agree with. CNN gives a voice to the opposite view, like Lou Dobbs, but I'm sorry to say not Fox).

If so, it is the end of the "Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton" rule of the White House over the last 20 years.

If that happens, it is a good thing for democracy since it was starting to feel like a third world country where the top job bounces back and forth to the same families over and over again. That is is not America. We need some fresh faces in power with some new ideas to give us a fresh start.

The debates last night (4 hours worth if you could take it) had good comments by several candidates. We'll see who is left standing in the next 10 days. It may be over by Super Tuesday on Feb. 5.

If the experts are right and it does boil down to Obama-McCain, then the debate will become picking "change" versus "experience" for the next four years. Right now, change seems to be a tidal wave that is bringing in tons of new voters never seen before.

This seems to be the "Year of the Independent Voter." It should be interesting.

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