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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Real Horse Race - Voters Win But Expect the Unexpected from World Events

It's now a real horse race for President, in BOTH parties, and the American public will be the winners because of it.

Being down in the polls got Hillary Clinton out of her bubble and actually talking to reporters, etc. Coming in second in New Hampshire has Mr. Obama talking more about issues and will probably lead to other changes in strategy that will give voters a better picture of each candidates vision.

The same on the GOP side, which is a total muddle with no clear leader. Again, the voters will win as the lack of a front-runner will let each candidate show what the are made of --inspirational or attack machine?

And something could happen in the world that turns all of this on its ear -- a new war with Iran or another terrorist attack could totally change up the situation.

Consider this. President Bush is going to Israel for only the first time since becoming President seven years ago - despite the long nightmare of Israeli-Palestinian issues. The next President cannot wait until his/her candle is nearly burned out to act to stop these festering wounds that analysts say are the root cause of much of the terrorism in the world.

For example, I heard on TV some experts say that we have a 30 - 50% chance of nuclear terrorism attack on a U.S. city within the next 10 years. I did a TV video program on this issue in 1994). Too little has been done until its too late to really do anything to address these issues vital to American security.

Expect the unexpected. Anything could happen and any candidate could still pull this out. Expect global events prior to the election to have unexpected impact.

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