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Friday, January 11, 2008

Now its Religious Discrimination in DA's office

The situation in Houston's District Attorney's office just got more weird.

It was revealed that a woman candidate to replace Chuck Rosenthal (who likes sending videos of people pulling off women's clothes) routinely knocked off potential jurors who were members of a particular church...

NO, not Scientology, but just regular Lakewood Church! I didn't know that Joel Osteen was a cult leader! Apparently Mrs. Seigler (whose husband liked trading those videos with Chuck) feels that Lakewood church members aren't Christian enough to vote for the death penalty when a black man is photoed laying on the street next to boxes of chicken and watermelon (another Rosenthal favorite).

What the heck is going on in Harris County's DA's office?

After my post on Rosenthal yesterday, I got an email from a GOP Precinct Chair who thought I was the problem, and said: "You should join the Party of Obama, Clinton and Lampson." He didn't have any concern with Rosenthal's activity. His point? A non-sexist, non-racist like me doesn't "fit in" to the local GOP mode. He's right. I am not a bigot and don't "fit" in to that kind of Taliban thinking. I respect women and people regardless of color.

If the local GOP favors racism and sexism -- and now has candidates for DA who believe that a feel good nice Christian church like Lakewood Church is a threat to society (maybe because Joel Osteen thinks we ought to feel better about ourselves instead of preaching fire and brimstone), then that makes it a simple choice. What's next? "We don't need no stinking peaceful Buhhists on juries!" Is that next?

I am an American first, party member second. Despite the talk, apparently the local GOP does not represent respect for other cultures, races and religions -- in a world of many cultures, colors and religions.

I don't find these "jokes" by Rosenthal funny. DA's who cut out people from one church today can cut others tomorrow - maybe Episcopalians who favor gay bishops will be the next group to drop from their juries (not to mention Mosques, Synagogues, etc.)

I also oppose taxpayers having to fund defense attorney for Mr. Rosenthal - no one in the public gets a free lawyer, so why should a c DA who likes porn on his county computer get one?

Time for a complete change in our DA's office - the public are not being served.

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