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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Time for Sexist/Racist Harris Co DA to GO

Harris County leads the country in the number of people sentenced to death. Now it comes out that our District Attorney, Chuck Rosenthal, liked to email "jokes" promoting a negative stereotypes of blacks. He was also fond of an email that showed a man pulling down a woman's blouse to expose her breasts. On top of that he even used county equipment (and time) to promote his next election.

Time for this joker to GO!

How many blacks got a death indictment because of Rosenthal's racism?

How many women want to work for a guy that thinks its funny for someone to pull off their top? (We've already got a federal judge, Sam Kent, from Galveston who thought that was a "fun" thing to pull up the blouse of a member of his staff and put his mouth on her breast).

These two should form a special club - the club of fired and/or impeached jerks.

Rosenthal has tainted his office like no one before him. The same for Judge Kent. It's unbelievable in 2001 that we still have adult men in positions of high authority who demean women and other cultures. A friend of mine's 12-year old grandson was discovered looking at porno sites by his father recently. One would think an adult man in charge of prosecuting people would have more maturity than a 12-year old boy.

One would think a major city's DA would have better things to do than pass around photos of a black man laying on the street next to a watermelon as a "joke" worthy of a laugh. Ants have bigger brains than that. Apparently he isn't busy enough at his day job.

Both men should resign - NOW.

If not, they should be prosecuted like anyone else - and not get a paid with taxpayers dollars while doing it. They have demeaned and soiled the reputation of Houston, Texas, their party and the legal profession.


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Anonymous said...

I just want to say: GREAT POST. I hope that more Harris County voters will respond this way to these emails coming to light. As a black person, I have NO FAITH WHATSOEVER in the Harris County DA's office and I am pretty sure I would NOT be treated with justice, fairness or respect. Throw the bums out and replace them with ethical, responsible people who are both competent and resourceful. Is it not too much to ask that the DA not pass along videos of assaults as a joke? As a woman, I don't find it funny at all.

Anonymous said...

how do the people of harris county get this man out of office? What legal steps man constituents take to take action? Please answer on your blog.