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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Burma Shave - Or a Close Shave for the Monks of Myanmar

No wonder they have trouble in Burma - they changed the name to "Myanmar," which means nothing to most of us who remember the "Burma Road" not to mention "Burma Shave."

Now the Monks of Myanmar are in a lather, walking the streets, and praying for freedom from being shot by the military dictatorship that no one seemed to care about until a week ago.

Personally, I hope it results in the military being sent back to the barracks and the name being changed to something I can pronounce and spell (I'm still mad at Bombay, India for becoming "Mumbai" which sounds like someone mumbling "bye"). Apparently the President feels the same way.

Speaking of "bye" did you see that even if we starting working on global warming TODAY, the seas will still rise at least three (3) feet in the coming decades from the increased ice melting already happening! Bye bye icebergs and Greenland.

It probably all started when countries started changing their names. The Vikings gave us "Greenland" which is mostly white from ice and snow, and "Iceland" which is mostly green! Those slick seafarers had to be the first traveling salesmen -- offering real estate deals in "green" land!

No wonder why the monks in Burma are protesting. I'd join them if I could find a ticket agent who knew what a "Myanmar" was. zone agent said he didn't care how my aunt was; --where did I want to go?

Ummm, maybe I'll just book something to Vegas or London instead! Good luck to the monks!

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