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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fall Day in Clear Lake - Feet Up

Fall has fallen on us. There is nothing finer than having the doors open, feeling the fresh cool air, with the feet up, watching the sparkling waters of the lake that is always a different hue day to day and even hour by hour.

But don't let the pretty water fool you.

It's no time to totally forget that recent polls show that Osama bin Laden is more popular in Pakistan (which has nuclear missiles) than the present leader Musharraf --the guy our government has bet all of its eggs. He's the same guy who just booted out a potential Presidential challenger last week. Polls show that dictators help generate support for radicals like bin Laden in places like Pakistan. Pakistan needs a real democracy or it could fall, along with control of its missiles, to the radicals.

And hurricane season isn't over yet - and it will be back next year. The Gulf Coast still doesn't have a regional protection plan in place to "Shelter in Place" --or deal with another bin Laden inspired attack.

After a wild week it's a little break time to relax today -- but tomorrow its back to work. Much remains to be done to prepare people for what lies ahead...expect the unexpected. Houston's old motto still rings true.

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