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Friday, September 21, 2007

Louisiana, TD10 - 11 etc. -- and Blackwater backlash possible

Just back from Dallas - in time to get near the coast again and see TD10 forming on the edge of the Gulf, then fading out as No. 11 may be forming in the southern Gulf.

So far we have dodged the bullet, but it is still a numbers game with increasing long odds. We really aren't prepared if another major storm hits. Mayor White of Houston was right to suggest at a recent League of Women Voters lunch that we need to beef up our building codes. We should be trying to match Miami-Dade. If a Katrina hits us, we'll have a lot of avoidable damage.

The Blackwater incident in Iraq could also pose a risk of a terrorist backlash here - why?

How would Americans feel if a private group from another country was riding our streets and shooting at cars they thought were getting too close, but were immune from prosecution even if some of them got out of hand and shot innocent civilians. Even our soldiers are subject to the legal system, as we have seen when incidents occur. So why should a private group have privileges that our troops don't? To have any group that is untouchable only increases the anger at the U.S. It could lead to future attacks here.

Since I have no control over what is happening in the Middle East, and its potential backlash here, there is one thing I can do -- help people protect themselves.

The best security defense for people is "Sheltering in place." That means protecting people at work or at home, from terror generated by nature or man.

Next time: The recent air raid on a Mideast nuke plant no one is talking about...Why?

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