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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Out of Nowhere - Humberto

It's kind of strange to be in Atlanta and see a Tropical Storm - whoops --Hurricane Humberto - blow up out of nowhere. I have to fly back tomorrow so it will be interesting if the flight makes it in (or WHEN). It went from a depression to a hurricane in 14 hours according to the Weather channel.

I got two reports - from Clear Lake it is raining sideways and blowing. On the Ft Bend side, nothing is happening. Most of it seems to be moving over Galveston Bay and east.

And there is TD No. 8 out in the Atlantic starting to come our direction as well. It's still too early to tell WHERE it is going to hit. It could be a hurricane soon enough.

It's a different world here in Atlanta, Georgia. It is all hills and there isn't a straight road to be found. Lots of two lane roads curving left, right, up, down. If you get distracted for a second you are in the ditch.

Hopefully tomorrow I will not end up sitting in some airport lounge for hours as Humberto dumps its load. It should be interesting...

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