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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

View from Atlanta

I'm in Atlanta checking out a glass convention while Osama bin laden hits the video airwaves again. I was wondering when he would rear his ugly head again - too bad we forgot about him the last six years. Like the Terminator, "He's baaaack!"

At the show I saw a couple companies with what they call "bullet resistant" or "hurricane" glass. It was THICK and EXPENSIVE -- nothing like XO Armor. Apparently a lot of people are looking for a solution, but I didn't see any product at the show that really fit the bill. Like I said, most of it was for new construction, very thick and would drain your wallet faster than a teenager.

None of it was for existing glass structures that need hurricane or bomb blast protection. XO Armor is the only thing I saw that can actually be used on existing buildings (as well as new).

From the sound of bin laden, we will be needing more bomb protection for some time.

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