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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Typhoon Hits China - Asia's Hurricanes Getting Stronger Too

This is a photo of Typhoon "Wipha" which is hitting China as this is written. Our hurricanes are "Typhoons" in Asia. They do the same thing.

Typhoons regularly hit China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea towards the end of August and in September. Earlier this month Typhoon Fitow hit Japan, killing seven people, while on Sunday Typhoon Nari killed at least nine in South Korea.

This one is expected to be one of the worst in over a decade -- another indication that the storms are getting STRONGER worldwide. The Chinese are blaming "global warming" for it.

"Due to global warming, the number of strong typhoons is increasing and more areas are vulnerable to the attack by typhoons," Xinhua quoted Zheng as saying at a conference in Beijing.

Wow. At least they aren't sticking their heads in the sand. Last night I saw a program on the increased ice melt in Greenland, which is going critical and could raise ocean waters by over 20 feet --drowning our coasts.

We need some leadership in DC on this issue pronto, not starting in 2009. We are way beyond theory here folks. Common sense is in short supply and it is our future, and our children's future, that is at stake - from America to China. It's a global threat.

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