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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Missing the Cat 5 - but Getting Zapped from PACIFIC storm

Photo: Felix hitting Central America

Felix has become a 160 mph Cat 5 swirling hell (especially if you are in its path) - and the Mosquito coast is taking the hit instead of us. This time.

But oddly, we are getting weather from a hurricane - a PACIFIC Ocean tropical storm. Tropical Storm Henriette, now near Baja California, is throwing moisture all the way to Texas and will give us more weather than Felix as it tracks to the north and east.

We have now had more Cat 5 storms come ashore in one season than anytime in recorded history. We also seem to be getting more of the bigger Cat 4 and 5 storms. Felix went from nothing to a Cat 5 in a couple days -- that is like taking off in a plane and reaching Mach 2 at Concorde speed.

That spells trouble for anyone within 100 miles of a coastline in the U.S. We are looking at a big hit when it comes.

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