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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fossett is Missing but Bin Laden Apparently Not

Aviation pioneer Steve Fossett is now missing nearly four (4) days after taking off for a "3 hour tour." I saw TV footage from a Civil Air Patrol flight looking for him. As a former CAP pilot I can attest how small a downed aircraft can look - not much bigger than a refrigerator when viewed from even minimum flight distance of 1,000 feet over the terrain.

Apparently Mr. Bin Laden is not missing - word is out today that he will release a new VIDEO before the next 9-11 anniversary. If so, and if he really has put on weight and is no longer "Mr. Graybeard" then it would confirm that the worm is still alive, and dangerous.

This comes right after the arrests in Denmark in Germany of European nationals who went radical with their conversion and wanted to become suicide bombers.

It would be good if we found both Steve Fossett and Osama - one to save and one to put on trial for mass murder.

One Sunni leader in Iraq said that he turned against AL Qaida when he saw one of them behead an 8-year old girl. How can they kill innocent (Muslim) girls? It has turned Iraqis against them. But as long as bin laden remains in his Pakistan mountain sanctuary, who knows what atrocity he will dream up next.

Osama would definitely applaud Southwest Airlines for kicking off a passenger for being "indecently attired" or whatever they said. Bin laden was appalled when a sister in law of his turned up onetime not wearing a head covering. He wouldn't even speak to her he was so "shocked, shocked" at the sight of a woman not entirely covered up. His cohorts would behead an 8 year old for such a thing.

This whole Al Qaida thing got started when an Egyptian Sunni named Qutb visited the U.S. and was "shocked, shocked" at American behavior. He thought we thought only about money and had no morals. So definitely Southwest's step to force more female modesty from the Hooters girls riding their planes would be pleasing to the likes of Osama bin laden.

Think about it guys.

Better blast protect those windows folks. Check out this new security website:

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