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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Amsterdam to Shut Down Red Light District - After 500 years in business

Since the 15th century, Amsterdam has had a legal "red light" district and legal drugs. But now there is a move to shut down the sex trade, replacing sex shops with designer clothes shops. Two thirds of the city's residents approve of the plan.

Meanwhile, Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury can't figure out why everyone went ballistic over his statement that Islamic "Sharia Law" should apply in England. I guess he figures we needed some reality therapy about "casting the first stone" (as in stoning to death adulterers, etc.).

Now if someone in Europe decides to get "stoned," it may be a whole new experience...(the only good pun is a bad pun).

Not to be left out, the Pope has issued a new prayer calling on Jews "to recognize Jesus." Perhaps because Muslims recognize Jesus as a prophet the Jews should do the same - never mind that it contradicts the foundations of Judaism.

I guess he missed the interfaith meetings.

So we now a combination of too much tolerance and too much intolerance -- existing in the same planet at the same time.

The world is changing...stay tuned.

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