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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Texas Vote Finally Counts - The Choice is Clear

The Texas vote finally counts for once. Our March 4 primary will help pick a Presidential nominee. Instead of being a "rubber stamp" or "protest vote," it will really count this time.

Our primary will help decide where we stand on the candidate best suited to represent America on the world stage. Our image around the world has no where to go but up. The choice is clear.

For years, I thought that the Clinton's were unfairly treated by extremist Republicans like Tom DeLay.

But then I saw them use the same tactics on a fellow Democrat who had taken the lead. You see the real person -- not when they are ahead of the game -- but when they are falling short or caught off guard. When I first ran as a surprise to the powerful, wealthy Mr. DeLay in 2000, he didn't even have campaign signs since no one had opposed him in years. So his people stole mine -- despite the fact I had little money and little chance. If you have to cheat even when you would win without it, that tells you something about a person.

The Clinton's tactics against Mr. Obama showed me how absolutely absolute power can corrupt "absolutely." Hillary has put $5 million "of her own money" into her campaign. How does a civil servant for 35 years have $5 million? Then we discover former President Clinton pulled in over $30 million to a foundation from a guy he flew with on a private jet to Kazakhstan -- to praise a dictator and get a big contract. Having $30 million in the bank is like Mr. Romney and his $250 million trying to buy an election. It doesn't work that way.

We need someone who knows what the average Americans' budget is like.

America should not be a third world country that passes the Presidency from family elite to family elite: from Bush/Clinton/BushII/ClintonII/BushIII, etc.

Bush's flaw was that loyalty was more important than competence. Clintons' flaw is that power has distorted their moral compass. When a former President praises a dictator to secure contracts for people who then put $30 plus million into his foundation, well, it doesn't pass the smell test.

Do we really need MORE of this the next four years? I would think 8 years of this same stuff happening in the Bush world would be enough for Americans to stomach.

Even Mr. McCain would be a break from that. (It shows how bizarre the Limbaughs and Coulters have made the GOP when they attack and reject a POW veteran --McCain-- as "not being conservative enough." Even weirder, they do the same to religious conservative Mike Huckabee. How strange is that? Who are these people? How dare they condemn a guy who actually went to war, unlike their critics. Perhaps Mr. Limbaugh is still having withdrawal from the Oxycontin. Ms. Coutler proves that you can be pretty ugly and repugnant despite your looks. Their extremism drives decent people away from the Republican party. It certainly has driven me away.

I have decided that the best break is to go with TOTAL CHANGE. I have decided to endorse Barack Obama.

No more Bush holdovers in a McCain administration. No more Clinton II administrations that add up to over 20 years of two families running our White House. No more spouses or kids of former Presidents passing the oval office as if it were a baton. No Jeb Bush running against a Clinton four years from now.


Only Mr. Obama gives us "something completely different" for our future. It is best for our country. It is best for our future as a fresh democracy with new faces and new ideas...

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