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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Odd political questions in District 22

Today at lunch a friend of mine told me that she had received a phone call from someone polling for the Republican Party of Ft. Bend for the District 22 race, formerly Tom DeLay's seat now held by Nick Lampson.
One of the questions asked was: "Do you consider yourself in Evangelical Christian, OR a Catholic?"

What? My friend immediately informed the caller that Catholics are also Christians, since the pollsters seemed to think otherwise.
What is going on?

When my friend, who had voted in prior GOP primaries, was then asked to choose which of the 10 people running for Texas District 22 as a Republican she didn't name anyone. Before the young lady calling hung up, my friend asked her: "How are you going to label me?"

The answer was: "Undecided." At that point my friend (a "woman of a certain age") said: "Oh, to the contrary, I HAVE decided who to vote for."

Apparently she is voting for the only candidate left who knows that a Catholic is also a Christian. That would be Nick Lampson.
Stay tuned. It can only get weirder.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Good for her! I can't believe some people think Catholics are not Christians. They need to read the writings of the early Christians, who were very Catholic!