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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mistreating Vets - and Voters

Bush world has always claimed to support vets but the neglect at Walter Reed in DC has now been joined with another broken promise - vets who hoped to earn citizenship are kept waiting for months while some bureaucrat worries about their name being potentially similar to someone on a terror list.

How insane is that - thinking an American vet might really be a terrorist from that list!?

While the Bushies mistreat vets who believed their sacrifice on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq, Ralph Nader is about to do the same to voters. Talk about insanity - he got less vote in the last race (0.3%) than Ron Paul is polling today!

Its all about narcissist Ralph, who I predict will get even less vote this time. This is not 2000 when Ralph's run cost Al Gore Florida by siphoning enough votes to give Bush the 200 vote lead he used to claim Florida, and the White House.

Mr. Obama and even Mr. McCain both attract independents, so this is not a race that favors any independent, be it Mr. Bloomberg, Ron Paul or Nader.

Even the independents in Texas, who worked for Nader (and me) in 2004, have come out in favor of Mr. Obama. They learned that it is better to pick one of the major candidates to support instead of lining up behind a lost cause like Ralph Nader, who has become a sad joke, just like the Bush support for our troops.

Another sad joke is the YouTube video of two Serb girls shoplifting in Belgrade after the U.S. Embassy was torched after being broken into, along with nearby shops, during the protests over Kosovo's independence. Makes me glad Kosovo is now independent of such jerks.

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