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Friday, February 22, 2008

Star Wars has Arrived - & Two Telling Questions No One Asked President candidates - yet

Star Wars is now operational. The Pentagon successfully shot down a dead satellite 100 miles up which had gone dead after its launch still filled with deadly hydrazine and spy stuff.

My question is this: Can they match the Chinese, who shot down one of their weather satellites at 500 miles in orbit? There is a big difference between hitting something at 100 miles and 500 miles. The problem with that is the danger from debris from a 500 mile explosion would jeopardize the safety of future Shuttle flights and space station missions since that debris is not likely to fall back into earth and burn up.

Another question: Does Russia also have the ability to knock out orbiting satellites or incoming missiles? Our future is dependent on the answer.

Other big changes. I just saw on the Today show the blocks of condos in Miami that are in foreclosure. They are calling it the "foreclosure district." Europeans with Euros are snapping them up at 50 cents on the dollar. With it taking $1.50 to buy 1 euro that means are prices are so low for the Europeans that we have become their "Mexico" in terms of purchasing power.

The fiscal mismanagement of our government, mortgage scams and trade imbalance have become a financial bonanza for international investors who can now buy up American assets on the cheap --basically 75% off with our currency devaluation. Meanwhile, while your American kids and grand kids are stuck with paying off trillions in war debt, with nothing in return.

So, we can shoot down satellites at the same time we have shot ourselves in the head financially and are selling billions of assets at fire sale prices to offshore investors.

You can thank our leadership the last 7 years for allowing this situation to develop. It's time for a big change.

But which candidates represent real change?

But which candidates who want to replace Mr. Bush represent real change?
No one in the press or at one of the debates has asked Hillary Clinton about the news reports of her husband getting a $30 million contribution to his foundation from the man who flew the former President to Kazakhstan on a private jet to be introduced to the Kazakhstan dictator - and getting a contract despite his lack of experience.
Question 1: If Hillary is President, what kind of million dollar deals will Bill be doing for hire with other dictators globally? How can she champion democracy and fairness when Bill has been doing crony deals globally for hire, just like the Bush clan?

Regarding the surprise revelation about Mr. McCain, a question. (1) How come none of the press have asked him if he (a) had or (b) had not flown to meetings on private jets with the female lobbyist onboard? That's a lot different than just bumping into someone at a public meeting. Where is the change if McCain also has a "Monica" problem?
These questions have yet to be asked or answered by those who want to be our President under the banner of "change."

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