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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Peacekeeping Failure -Crisis. America lacks global strategy - China doesn't

All hell is breaking out in Chad and Americans are being told to leave as soon as possible. What is so crazy is the statement: "the fighting is keeping Peacekeeping forces from being deployed."

What? Peacekeeping forces can't be deployed because of fighting in the area? How useless is that? That is what peacekeeping forces should be doing - DEPLOYING and shooting if necessary to stop the madness as these countries break down.

In this case, we have rebel forces from Sudan (which has OIL the Chinese are buying up bigtime) going into Chad - which is newly discovered OIL and a dictator who was taking bribes for his oil.

It's a power struggle and our government is not a player because we have never had a global strategy, unlike the leadership in China, which is buying up chunks of natural resources in Africa and South America. Our guys are again sleeping at the wheel while leaders in emerging giants China and India are harvesting the world's energy resources to grow in the 21st century.

And we can't even get an American administration with an energy strategy much less a world energy strategy! It's overdue.

P.S. Granny made it to 100 yesterday. It's 23 degrees and will be "13" tonight. I may turn into a statue. The Happy Birthday 100 Party for her is later today...And on the Ground Hog's are frozen stiff in Iowa today.

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