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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who Should Gov Perry Pick as Next DA?

Yesterday Houston District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal finally did the right thing and resigned. The question now is: "Who should Governor Perry Pick as Interim DA?"

He should pick someone who is NOT running as a candidate, so that the choice will be between the Republican and Democrat voters in the primaries which are merely a couple weeks away. We don't need one candidate getting a "leg up" on the others. We need to see what the true voters choices are.

So, Governor Perry should respect that democratic virtue and pick an interim District Attorney who is not from that office and who is not a 2008 candidate. He should pick someone with known ethical values who will restore to the DA's office a public perception of fairness, equality, and justice --and pursued by that important criminal justice office in the same way.

But then, I'm beginning to wonder if leaders are more focused on their own ambitions and "win at any cost" than the perception of fairness and moral authority in their actions. It's time for them to let the people make this call since the election date is upon us.

It's time for people to demand responsiveness from their representatives - "or they will be removed." If they don't, then voters should "Just DO IT --remove the dead wood who are not paying attention to the pubic instead of their own pocket or ego. Voters need to show the resolve to remove non-responsive reps (and not elect more like them). Californians have done it, surely Texans can.

We'll see what Governor Perry chooses in his replacement District Attorney for a city that has suffered major damage to its criminal justice system -- and that's not just a perception when belonging to a particular Church can get you barred from jury duty.

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