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Friday, February 15, 2008

Changing the Rules in the 3rd Quarter

A bug hit me last night so I've had time to lie in bed and read too much news for my own good.

The Pentagon is going to try to shoot down the dead satellite that never worked and therefore is fully fueled with a half ton of deadly hydrazine. Since the Chinese shot down one of their satellites with a missile, this looks like a good reason to test the U.S. system. Let's just hope they can do it on the first try, instead of having to outsource it to the Chinese!

I see that Hillary wants to change the rules in the 3rd quarter of the ballgame. Now that she's behind in delegates she wants to "count" the votes in Florida and Michigan (where she won), which had changed their primary dates against party rules and so their votes weren't counted as a penalty.

If this is how the Clinton's do business, it is yet another reason to break the Bush-Clinton- Bush-Clinton lock on the White House and get someone totally new as President.

It looks like a McCain-Obama duel in the fall - which definitely breaks the Bush-Clinton endless loop and offers a clear choice on our future. Neither one of them has called for a rule change in the 3rd quarter.

Personally, I'm going with Mr. Obama, since the thought of another "100 years" in Iraq doesn't make sense to me. In a recent poll. nearly 50% of the American voters said the best way to save billions would be to exit Iraq - that's a $170 billion savings in just one year.

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