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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gone to the Birds

A few days ago I taped this scene just outside my balcony - mom feeding breakfast to a baby bird(s) in a tree stump they made into home.

But yesterday they were no longer visible. Apparently they have started a new chapter and left tree hollow home.

Watching the Presidential debates is giving me the same feeling - that we are about to enter a new chapter in American leadership. After hearing the Dems Sunday it will be interesting to hear the GOP ones tonight.

Role reversal is one thing that stands out. We have Democrat candidates with the original spouse, and leading Republican candidates who are pro choice (and have had 9 wives between 4 candidates). We have a President who was against addressing global warming who is now for it.

I'm expecting a large white rabbit to enter the scene at any moment (Alice in Wonderland would feel right at home in today's political world).

There is great change in the wind, locally and globally. The birds have flown the coop...

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