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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Prayer for Road Rage

While Detroit is praying that the U.S. Senate doesn't vote today to make U.S. automakers more competitive (by insisting cars that get better gas mileage to compete with Japan's hybrids, etc.), the Vatican has issued a new "Ten Commandments" for dealing with road rage.

While we need the update on the commandments, I suspect Detroit is praying a different prayer, as follows:

1. "Thou shall not make us more competitive by making us improve our fuel efficiency."
2. "Thou shall let us continue to make gas hogs that line the pockets of OPEC and Hugo Chavez so we can be dependent on their oil forever."
3. "Thou shall keep ethanol where it belongs, in our whiskey and not our gas tanks."

You get the picture. Does Detroit?

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