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Friday, June 29, 2007

No Guts in DC - Bomb in London

Bomb in London Could Happen Anywhere - Today's incident in London, which looks like a very crude car bomb by amateurs, should be a reminder how important security remains in all cities worldwide. If that bomb had gone off, people in buildings would have been shredded with flying glass (and nails, which were found lying on the car floor next to a couple gas canisters) --UNLESS THEY HAD XO ARMOR on their windows.

XO has the strength to deflect a car bomb blast, along with hurricane force winds. It has been shown to even help in earthquakes --when windows break the building loses structural strength, which can lead to collapse. XO would keep people from getting a glass shower at the minimum.

Expect more incidents like London, but they could occur downtown Houston as well as any other city anywhere in the U.S. or world.

No Guts in DC - It seems that there are no guts left in DC to tackle tough issues - like immigration. So as a result the problems will fester without a fix because no one wanted to find a solution.

I'm thinking that the elected officials in DC that dropped the ball should go back to being on a city council somewhere where they can address issues they can handle, like fixing potholes and picking up the garbage, since biggies like national immigration policy is beyond their ability..

Now we are left with 12 million illegals who are still illegal, while employers who need workers they can't get here won't get them, which cuts growth and causes more work to be outsourced overseas.

No one is a winner when nothing is done. We don't need more politicians - we need more leaders with guts to do the tough work needed in Washington.

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