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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Space Station Drama - Could have Been Worse

I live 5 minutes from NASA--and walked through the Station model in the Air and Space Museum in DC on Sunday--which makes today's Space Station drama all the more real. We could have an "Apollo 13" situation unfolding. Let's hope this one turns out the same way.

In fact, had the 3 Russian computers that control the space station failed when a space shuttle was not docked, it would already be spinning out of control - and we could have lost all aboard. That is still a possibility.

The Shuttle only has fuel for a maximum of 15 days - and it also has a repair job to go through before it can safely come back to earth. It turns out the astronauts found a staple in a medical kit that they think will work. Amazing.

Stay tuned...

Meanwhile, the bombing of the golden dome shrine in Iraq means it is a Muslim v. Muslim civil war. And the situation is getting weirder in Gaza, etc. Security is going to be critical in our future is a result, whether on the ground or in space.

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