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Friday, June 08, 2007

Joint U.S. Russian Defense missiles - A Win-Win

One of the most potentially beneficial ideas from the G8 summit was the idea of a joint U.S. - Russian missile defense system. It would protect Europe etc from places like a radical Iran and avoid another cold war situation of Russia aiming missiles at us and vice versa.

An anti-missile system gives more of a sense of security to both sides. It would also help if somehow Pakistan's nuclear missiles fell into radical Islamic hands if its pro-American government falls.

At least it gives us a chance to shoot down a rogue missile if an Osama bin laden type launches one. Without the system, democratic Europe (Israel, etc.) is a sitting duck. Without an ABM system WE are a sitting duck as well. North Korea's missiles can now hit the edge of U.S. territory.

We need more win-win international solutions like this.

On Paris (Hilton). Why should a celebrity not serve a full sentence like anyone else out there who has to? Law should be the same for all.

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