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Sunday, June 17, 2007

In Memory of Louis XIV (Not That One)

This is in memory of Louis XIV, a very special kitty pet in the last 12 years, who has gone to pet heaven. His life spanned a marriage which began and ended in his life cycle.

Last fall I wrote of the loss of Henri, my special pal, a 100 pound lab mix who, at 6, suddenly died of cancer despite heroic efforts by the docs at Gulf Coast.

In a dog-eat-cat world, Henri and Louis broke the mould. They were best buds. Louis would even nuzzle 100 lb Henri in the ear with genuine affection. Henri, who would have shredded a burglar in a New York minute and took guff from no one, let him do it. Now they are together again.

On this Father's Day I want to remember them (since I was their "dad" for most of their lives) -- as well as the dad's no longer with us, such as my stepfather Pete, who also left this world in the last year.

The world is a better place because of the time they spent among us.

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