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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Update on London

The news that there was a second car with a crude bomb parked in London raises the specter of a bigger threat rising from the Iraq war - the car bomb. The next 9 11 may not be an airplane hijack, but a car bomb quietly parked and donated with a cell phone call.

Apparently, a cell phone was heard ringing in the first car, producing smoke instead of an explosion. This is a technique perfected by Al Qaida in bombings in Iraq, which spread to the rail explosions in Madrid and London's subways. I expect the war will sooner or later bring an attack of this nature to the U.S. - all that was needed was some gas, bags of nails and a cell phone. You can't ban any of that in the U.S. (or anywhere), so all you can do is defend your kids, pets and personnel from flying debris.

Cities are made of glass, and even a crude car bomb parked near an office tower, school, house-- anywhere at anytime-- would cause major damage to property and people. Since no one knows when it could happen, the best defense is XO Armor (unless you want to risk being shredded by flying glass if a maverick terrorist strikes a target near you)...

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