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Saturday, June 16, 2007

In DC Even Underwear is Costly

Photo: From the Library of Congress (It says: "Ignorance is the Curse of God; Knowledge is the Wing Where With We Fly to Heaven")

In Washington, I discovered that even buying ordinary underwear is expensive.  Apparently I got distracted and didn't put enough of them in my suitcase (had to have more than one set a day due to the sweaty Washington weather).  So I had to go to Macy's near the hotel--the cost for one package of undies and T Shirts?  $44! Then I checked my account to discover that they had charged it twice! LOL. Only in DC then a package of undies end up costing $88!  I'm not convinced such knowledge will fly us to heaven, but it sure has got us in deficit hell. LOL. 


honeykbee said...

I hope they were at least the really tasty and edible kind?

Texas Viking said...

Sorry, no such luck. For that much, they should have been! LOL