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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dust in Africa - Impact on U.S.

For a long time I have tried to get Americans to think outside the box - that events across the planet can and do have a direct impact on us.

Now it appears that dust storms over Africa have had the effect of cutting down on this year's hurricane season that impacts the majority of Americans who live within 100 miles of our coast - so far. And La Nina down off the South American coast has been less than expected. But yet the peak of the season isn't here yet. Anything is possible.

With polls showing more people now refusing to evacuate if there is a storm, many more are at risk if a "big one" strikes - since too few of them still have storm-proofed their homes or offices. Once a debris strike breaks a window, winds rush in and the quickest way out is taking off your roof. Glass and water damages is everywhere.

Your windows are your weakest link in riding out a storm.

In my opinion there is only one good way to avoid this disaster - protect your home (and office) castle by installing XO Armor. Keep the debris from breaching your windows - avoid glass on the kids and pets, water in your computer, mold and mess that follows.

But if a storm shows up, don't expect instant service. It takes a certified installer to do it right. It's not the cost - less than twice that of cheap tint that does nothing to protect you. It takes TIME to get it installed (and it comes in clear or tint too). Smart people will get it put on, or get in line to get it put on, now.

Time is not our/your friend with peak hurricane season running from mid August to November.

I'm not riding out a storm without XO Armor on MY windows. I know those dust clouds in Africa won't protect us from another Rita/Katrina forever. I live in the evacuation zone next to the coast...Clear Lake.

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