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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pakistan: The Next Iran with Nukes?

This story is not getting much attention compared to Eva Longoria getting married and Al Gore's son driving a Prius at warp speed and living to tell about it, but it is far more important to our future security.

I have been to Islamabad, Pakistan where a fierce battle is now being waged to recover hostages from the "Red Mosque." This is potentially BIG for U.S. security. The terrorists have been trying to impose Taliban type control. You remember those guys right? The Osama friendly folks who don't let girls go to school and beat women for showing their faces. Even if the Taliban lose the battle of the Red Mosque they are gaining strength to take over the entire country of Pakistan --and its nuclear missiles.

This is big. Pakistan's nuclear missiles could fall under Taliban control if the current government goes down. And it could because the guy we back, President Pervez Musharraf, has let the Taliban run independent (and wild) in return for letting him maintain a military dictatorship. It is a deal-with-the-devil and eventually the Taliban friends of Osama bin laden --still hiding in Pakistan controlled mountains that Musharraf withdrew his military forces--will bring him down.

And THAT will spell an immediate Taliban version of Iran with nukes. Taliban controlling Pakistani nuclear missiles - within range of Israel, etc. is worse than Iran owning future nukes. The threat is immediate and significant.

We could be diluting Taliban control in Pakistan if we poured BILLIONS into education instead of arms - because without it the religious extremists are turning children into hate machines. That is dangerous for our future...I urge Congress to fund this new strategy to secure our future before these hate factories bring more death and destruction to our door...


bferg said...

You are ritht Michael, I am Retired from the United States Air Force and am sick to death of these weak cowardly people in Washington. We ar going to be destroyed if an America first person does not take the Whitehouse. The cowardly and traitorous snakes are quickly giving away this great nation.


Anonymous said...

Am glad Pakistan has the nukes. We'll see how anyone stops us from doing anything.