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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Weirdness at Natl Hurricane Center - Could Kill You

Left: Katrina

There is something really weird going on at the National Hurricane Center that affects the safety of millions of Americans who live within hurricane strike zones.

A new director comes in and says "Hey, we have a satellite dying and no replacement" and the reaction from the center staff is "So?"

Good grief, what are they thinking? Even a 10% loss in forecasting accuracy--which would happen without the satellite) is enough to affect millions. Imagine the difference between a Hurricane Center call for a Katrina-size storm striking rural Sabine --and instead it hits Houston or New Orleans. The same for Miami, etc..

So, they killed the messenger instead--the guy who made sense. I don't understand what is so hard about deciding to replace a dying satellite. At a result, tens of millions of people are at risk. If you don't mind the risk to your family, say nothing.

But if you want competence back in government, and a better hurricane warning system, let Congress know about it. The President has not exercised his authority to demand it, so leadership on this vital public safety issue falls to Congress.

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