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Friday, July 20, 2007

Houston's Risk as Terrorism Target

The Houston Chronicle's editorial today about Houston being high on the terrorist target list is accurate and on point. Houston is a key target because it is the heart of America's fuel source, its on the coast just up the road from where people smugglers regularly drop off economic and other illegal immigrants from cigarette boats equipped with GPS, and it would be easy to find a target in 5,000 square miles of space.

The problem is that sooner or later someone determined to get in will. We live in a glass world. And glass is the weakest link. Any explosion (or major hurricane) is going to shred it. The only solution is to have it converted into a form of safety glass with XO Armor, which is in a class by itself in its tested features. It held in test winds of 242 mph. Layered up it stops bullets. As ordinary hurricane film it also protects from bomb blasts.

I heard a Houston radio host and city council member, Michael Berry, was urging an invasion of Iran. It's proof that radio hosts with no international experience have no business influencing policy. Right now, 70% of Iranians hate their government as much as we do. But invading them would turn 100% of them against us. I'm sure Mr. Berry was also one who thought invading Iraq would result in them putting flowers in our gun barrels. All it did was generate more terrorists willing to blow themselves up wherever they can find Americans.

President Bush has finally decided to try to get an Israeli Palestinian peace process started. Regardless, the anger in the Middle East is already boiling over into England, etc. The best thing we can do is address our weakest link from future nature and made made disaster - put XO Armor on all public glass to keep it from becoming shrapnel in a future event.

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