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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Terrorist Dry Runs at Houston's Airport?

Tell me why anyone stopped at a U.S. airport be carrying a brick of cheese with wires on top, so that it looked like a bomb but wasn't? Why would they pick places like Houston to see if they could get past airport security? And why would it involve people with no terrorism background?
Why would there be a "surge" of these weird types of "bombs that aren't." I don't know anyone who likes wires stuck in their cheese. And its odd that the cheese had density similar to high explosive material. Personally I prefer a good brie without batteries.

It's either the weirdest news (true enough) or something to really be concerned about. It's both.

I wonder who these people were involved carrying suitcases with strange combinations of cheese and wires. Did anyone ask them why they were carrying these bizarre devices?

As much as I'd like to review other national issues of import, this news tops all in its disturbing ramifications. It means that someone is planning something.

I want to know what the interrogations of the people caught with them yielded - and where are they now? What does our government know about these people and their whereabouts?


Bob said...

Michael -- Your readers might be interested in my quest to uncover under-reported details related to the Associated Press article about terrorists conducting “dry runs” that include the use of block cheese at the nation’s airports.

After reading the entire AP article, I immediately drafted and sent an e-mail — “Media Query: Block Cheese” — to officials at the American Dairy Association whose contact information I found at their web site. The message below was sent just after 11 a.m. CDT today:

"Dear Cheese People,
My blog, Bob McCarty Writes™, consistently ranks in the Top One Percent of the blogosphere, according to Today, I’m writing a post that will likely fall under the humor column and is based on an Associated Press article today.

"AP reports that terrorists are likely conducting “dry runs” at the nation’s airports. In addition, the report says that terrorists, as part of their practice runs, have been packing blocks of cheese in their bags to simulate certain types of explosives that share a similar consistency. Those details in mind, I have a handful of questions for the American Dairy Association:

• Is the Association working with the Department of Homeland Security to identify, locate and remove from distribution any and all blocks of cheese that might be used by terrorists in the manner described in the above-referenced article?

• Is the Association working with Homeland Security to increase security at the nation’s cheese-production facilities as a result of today’s news?

• Is the Association going to ask retailers to remove from store shelves any and all blocks of cheese that might be used by terrorists in the manner described in the above-referenced article?

• Is the Association going to call upon its members to modify and/or discontinue production, distribution and sales of certain types of cheeses that, when sold in block form, can be used by terrorists in the manner cited in the in the above-referenced article?

• Is it true that FBI officials have used the Cheese Profiler program on your web site to help identify potential terror suspects?

• Finally, is the Association willing to admit that terrorists may, indeed, have discovered the so-called “Power of Cheese”?
Thanks in advance for your attention to this request.

I provided my contact information at the end of the e-mail and expect a reply from officials at “cheese headquarters” in Rosemont, Ill., will be forthcoming.

As soon as I receive that reply I will post an update here at Bob McCarty Writes™.

[Note: Your readers can click on my name above to read the entire post.]

Texas Viking said...

Bob: THAT is funny. I await your report from the Dairy Association.