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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dallas Towers of Glass

I'm in Dallas for some business, and it is an amazing sight. Downtown is a sea of sparkling glass. All of it vulnerable to a truck or car bomb.

It's so green all the way from Houston - the grass is 3 feet tall on the sides of the road. Apparently its been hard to mow with all the rain. In fact it rained off and on the entire way here.

The Taliban are holding 22 South Korean hostages - at least 18 are women and they have already executed one and are threatening to kill more. Securing Afghanistan, the forgotten war, remains vital. The Taliban are worse than the creeps in Iraq. All of these groups thrive on the lack of education sources. Too bad we can't get a computer and the internet in these villages instead of schools that teach hate as education. Only education defeats ignorance.

I've been digging out prior TV videos I've made the past few years - including predictions of street fighting I made before the war, etc. some of which are now posted on YouTube, including this one from 2001 on the Anthrax attack. Remember that?

But I think a more likely scenario is a car bomb attack in the U.S. - it's a lot easier than a biological attack, which was most likely an American scientist terrorist not a foreign terrorist.

Apparently the parties are like two planets that don't touch: Democrats only want to focus on Iraq and Republicans only want to focus on the war on terror. I have news for each group: we, and the next President, will have to focus on BOTH. Because both could eat our lunch.

Back on the road tomorrow...

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