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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Secret of Being Calm in Age of Iraq/Terrorism

Above: A very calm Iowa duck

With reports of increased terrorism and the huge steam explosion today in New York making us all think about things we'd rather not think about, it is a nice distraction to watch the calming waters of Clear Lake. It is constantly changing. In doing so I noticed a couple ducks hanging out by the pool or taking a dip.

Nearly every day there are a couple ducks hang out at the pool below my apartment on the lake. They have become known as Mr. and Mrs. Duck. Sometimes they dip in the volleyball pool or take a swim in the main pool. For some reason they like drinking chlorine water.

But unfortunately, something has happened and Mrs. Duck today had a bad hobble from a leg injury of some kind. I was wondering if a nearby animal clinic had any know how on duck treatment, but then she flew off just before another squall rain hit. I'll be looking to see if she makes it back for some of that pool water.

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet it appears the ducks (and fish) in Japan may be glowing in the dark from the radioactive water released by the nuke plant knocked out by yesterday's earthquake. The good news is that North Korea is shutting down its nuke plant.

It shows that diplomacy can work in making the world a safer place. Invading Iran, as some are urging (the same ones who thought Iraqis would put flowers in our gunbarrels), won't do it. Besides, polls show that 70% of Iranians can't stand their own government and want more freedom and democracy. Invading would turn them against us. We don't need any more of that.

Invading Pakistan with our troops to get bin laden could lead to his capture/death - and easily result in control of Pakistan falling to radical Islamic groups allied to Al Qaida. That would be worse. We need to act smarter to keep from making things worse. Fixing Iraq will be as tricky as figuring out a way to fix Mrs. Duck's leg.

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