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Friday, July 13, 2007

Latest Report: Al Qaida as Strong as pre- 9 11 and Focused on U.S.

The latest report says that Al Qaida is as strong as it was pre 9/11, and is focused on a hit on the U.S.

This threat will continue at least for the next three (3) years according to the report.

I maintain that your best offense in this war is a good defense --and the only real defense I know of is XO Armor. If an Al Qaida terrorist cell does denote a car or truck bomb next to your Houston-New York-Chicago-L.A, etc. office or house, it is certified to provide blast protection. It just passed a hurricane test in which it survived 240-plus mph winds - enough to defend against a Category 5 hurricane. It can help maintain structure support of glass buildings in earthquakes. It is bullet resistant. It is anti-burglar since it makes breaking and entering glass nearly impossible. It has passed the toughest hurricane and blast tests in the U.S.

I was at a commercial real estate lunch today in Houston, and was one of three of us talking about XO Armor's protection for those who live in glass houses/offices. When the speaker talked about his huge several block downtown project and its office tower, one table in the back chanted: "But does it have XO Armor?" LOL. No joke - it would protect their tenants. It would protect your kids. One house on a golf course has it - and a golf ball hit it while they were traveling. XO saved them from a lot of rain, mold, etc. damage that would have occurred while they were gone if the ball had broken a window not protected with XO Armor.

Check it out on my website - ask for a free quote.If you are a potential distributor worldwide, let me know. Or Email me for a video on how it works. The life it saves may be your own.

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