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Friday, July 27, 2007

Weird Weather; Weirder News

We seem to be in a period of very weird weather and weirder news. As we grow web feet from the rain in Southeast Texas and our southwest U.S. burns, in Europe the weather is just as strange. England is having the most rain since records started in 1766, while Italy and Greece are fighting 100-plus record heat. In Iraq the temps are hitting 120 to 130!

Then we get news of astronauts FWI (Flying While Intoxicated), someone sabotaging a space station component, and Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne had an engine explosion that killed a couple people - not an expected or good thing in each case. Meanwhile two TV helicopters are so focused on a car chase they hit midair and kill both crews. Is it full moon yet?

Sports news is equally dispiriting. Doping in the Tour de France, football players engaging in dog fighting, baseball players getting "juiced" on steroids to win records.

And there is trouble back at the Red Mosque in Pakistan again today - more riots and another suicide bomber. It's Muslims killing Muslims, fighting for control of a country with nuclear missiles. Dictators are being replaced by religious extremists who are in many ways worse. Fake bombs going through airport security (and it won't even be full moon until Monday!).

Ummmm. Perhaps the idea of having a nip and leaving this planet with a bottle on the throttle is not that big a deal after all...beam me up Scotty.

And OK, I had to get my two cents in and threw my video hat in the ring for the upcoming YouTube/CNN Presidential debate.

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