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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Attempted Bombing of U.S. Embassy - Vienna - Trouble ahead

The attempted Bombing of U.S. Embassy in Vienna is a sign of trouble ahead. Something is up.

A guy with a backpack full of explosives (and nails) tried to enter the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, but set off the metal detector. He left the bag when he ran off.

I've been to Vienna, which now has a security issue. (I was there years ago when I was with the Fortune 500 checking out a potential counter-trade deal--people who were bartering for goods when Russia didn't have cash like they do now). The young man and potential suicide bomber turns out to be a Bosnian - but he did have a Muslim prayer manual.

It's another sign of radicalization of young men living in Europe who are in their 20's and have roots in the Mideast. Apparently, the bombing was to force Germany and Austria out of Afghanistan (not Iraq).

What's weird is that during the Clinton administration we helped Bosnian Muslims, who were being killed by Serbs. So much for gratitude.

Or perhaps its just because they had just been born when the U.S. was helping Muslims from being killed in Bosnia, and they have no memory of it. All they see is Osama bin laden claiming this is a war against Muslims, instead of a war against terrorism.

Regardless, this attempted bombing is another warning that security issues must remain at the top of the agenda. If that bag bomb had gone off in the street, nails would have ripped through windows around the blast zone. Europe and the U.S. are top targets, just ask New York, London, Washington, Madrid, etc.

XO Armor on the windows would protect a lot of people from flying shrapnel/glass--much better than having nothing. It would even stop a burglar. In layers it can stop a bullet. Get prepared.

(One customer who put it on their house reports they are saving over $150 month on their electric bill)!

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