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Saturday, October 06, 2007

"Stop or We'll Drop Our Gay Bomb on You"

Photo: Dr. Stranglove (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)

Tell me this isn't really true - that some genius(or group thereof) in the Pentagon came up with a proposal to develop a "gay bomb." Yep. The idea behind it, apparently is that the enemy soldiers would then want to make love with each other instead of fighting.

This is the same military that had the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and throws gays out of the service even if they are one of the few who know how to read/speak Arabic to see what Al Qaida is up to?

I can see it now.

Headline: "Bush orders Military to drop "Gay Bomb" on Iran!

Next line: "Ahmadinejad declared: 'It didn't work. In Iran, we aren't gay; we just don't ask and don't tell." He then said that "he had decided to invite 'Georgie W' over to watch old Rock Hudson movies anytime he happened to by flying by Iran."

OK. At least some logical behavior was observed in Korea this week - an historic agreement between North and South to "make peace" and cut down the barriers and the nuke bomb plants after a half century of DMZ's and barbed wire separating the two.

Amazing how diplomacy and talking to people actually works (without necessity of a war)! At least we didn't have to threaten to drop a gay bomb on North Korea!

Meanwhile the headline from Pakistan (should be): "Musharraf Wins Presidential Election"
He says: "I'd love elections where there
are no opponents!"

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Donna said...

Just think of all the money that has been wasted....the good it could have done! I would have never known about this except for you...thanks for staying on top of things!